How to Read Rubber Track Sizes

Rubber track sizes are determined by: WIDTH (mm) x PITCH (mm) x LINKS (total #)

For example, here are three popular rubber track sizes: 

  • 180x72x38 (180 mm wide x 72 mm pitch x 38 links)
  • 300x52.5x92 (300 mm wide x 52.5 mm pitch x 92 links)
  • 600x100x80 (600 mm wide x 100 mm pitch x 80 links)

The rubber tracks for a Bobcat 316, for example, are sized 180x72x38. That means the track is 180 millimeters (7”) wide, with a 72 millimeter (2.8”) pitch length (or distance between the links), and a total of 38 links. 


how to read rubber track sizes


how to read rubber track sizes part2