Trojan Tracks is pleased to present videos showcasing machinery using rubber tracks and solid skid steer tires.


Check back here to see our list of videos as it grows:  




  • Video 4: Skid Steer Tips & Tricks

    • Learn some valuable "Skid Steer Tips & Tricks" in this 2.5 minute video. even if you're not a mechanic. 


  • Video 5: Remote Controlled CAT Track Loader

    • The Dirt Ninja demonstrates a Remote Controlled Caterpillar 289 compact track loader this month. even if you're not a mechanic. 


  • Video 6: Informative Walk-Around Video: Cat 304.5e2 XTC Mini Excavator

    • The Dirt Ninja introduces us to the new Caterpillar 304.5e2 XTC Mini Excavator. The XTC - extra tool carrier - means that the 304.5e2 offers the traditional functionality of a mini excavator, with the extra attachments you'll find on a versatile skid steer.



  • Video 10: Video: This Demolition is Definitely Not Up to Code

    • Over the holidays, it seems everyone just loses their minds. Case in point, check out this video of a demolition that breaks every WorkSafe rule imaginable... (Don't try this at home, kids.)